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Carl Eric Martin

Carl Eric Martin

Carl Eric Martin (born in1994) is a YouTuber, Bitcoin advocate and cryptocurrency analyst well known for his famous channel The Moon. His channel is considered to be one of the best YouTube channels on Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. Carl Martin is a well known public figure in the crypto space. [3] [4]

Carl Martin owns the YouTube channel The Moon. He uploads one video every day about Bitcoin, financial markets and monetary policy. His videos cover Bitcoin news, Bitcoin price and cryptocurrencies in general. The videos get an average of 40,000 views per video. He is a well known public figure and one of the most influential people in the crypto space.

Carl Martin is also successful on Twitter with his famous Twitter account The Moon.

With an average of 2,500 engagements per tweet, he is one of the most influential people on Twitter in the crypto space. He makes educational tweets about Bitcoin and the monetary system, roughly four tweets per day.

Carl Eric Martin is a frequent guest on various podcasts, news outlets and websites. Carl Martin states that he loves to educate people about Bitcoin.

"Bitcoin is the best form of money in the world and will be worth over $5,000,000 per coin in the future.

Bitcoin is a safe haven asset which is needed in these times when central banks print trillions of dollars out of nothing.

When people finally lose their confidence in the dollar and other government currencies, they will be looking for an alternative where there is no third party risk, no default risk and is as liquid as any other currency.

This is what Bitcoin can give people."


As of May 2020, The Moon channel has over 100,000 subscribers and over 15,000,000 views.

The Moon gets 1,400,000 views per month, making him the biggest YouTuber in the Bitcoin space, based on views per month.

Carl Martin has always had an interest in monetary policy, economics, and macroeconomics. He has researched the Federal Reserve System, the banking system and the monetary system in general before he went into Bitcoin. Carl Martin believes that the value of Bitcoin doesn't necessarily come from Bitcoin itself, but from the flaws of the current monetary system. [1]

"We've seen trillions of dollars that have been printed to bail out the banks since 2008.

Combined with low interest rates, we've seen global stock markets soar to all time highs in the past decade.

This is all fake prosperity, financed by cheap debt.

The current debt bubble is much bigger than back in 2008 and a financial crisis is inevitable.

This time will be worse though, and I expect us to see the Great Depression 2.0 in the next few years with record unemployment.

The dollar will eventually collapse due to the pressure of this debt and this is why Bitcoin was created.

Bitcoin is an alternative currency, where you don't need to trust governments or banks not to expand the currency supply.

Bitcoin is a new form of money, it's the peoples money."

Carl Martin grew up in Sweden. He is now travelling the world speaking at conferences about Bitcoin and the financial markets.

Carl Martins portfolio consists of 95% Bitcoin.

He believes that Bitcoin will grow tremendously in the future.

He has been accumulating Bitcoin for years.

Carl Martin has always stated that altcoins are in a bubble and he sold his altcoin holdings near the peak of the altcoin bubble in the beginning of 2018.

The moon carl кто это

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Interview with Crypto Analyst Carl the Moon about Economics, Trading Strategy, and Next Bitcoin ATH

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by our writers are their own and do not represent the views of U.Today. The financial and market information provided on U.Today is intended for informational purposes only. U.Today is not liable for any financial losses incurred while trading cryptocurrencies. Conduct your own research by contacting financial experts before making any investment decisions. We believe that all content is accurate as of the date of publication, but certain offers mentioned may no longer be available.

What many people in the industry are really eager to know is whether or not they should be buying cryptocurrencies to trade or invest in, what rules they should follow to become successful doing it, and the most important question for newbies: where to start. I asked one of the most popular YouTube Analysts, Carl Eric Martin from The Moon channel, all of these questions and he told me about his view on the current financial system, what his investment portfolio consists of, and why it’s highly possible that Bitcoin will hit $20,000 by the end of this year.

U.Today: Hey Carl, it’s great to see you. First of all, how did you get this many views? Your YouTube channel seems to be very popular. How long have you been in this space?

Carl: First of all, I think that the simple fact that I upload one video every single day shows YouTube that I am consistent and that I am serious about my channel and this triggers the algorithm to push my videos further and further. When I started, it was, of course, a very small YouTube channel, but I uploaded a lot of videos and I used many different SEO tactics (search engine optimization).

U.Today: When did you start it?

Carl: I started the channel somewhere in 2018 but I started to get really serious in 2019, and that’s when I really started to make one video every single day. Ever since, it has just taken off.

U.Today: Why did you decide to become a crypto trader?

Carl: I’ve always had an interest in monetary policy, in economics, macroeconomics. I loved to research the current monetary system, basically. I’ve researched the federal reserve system, the banking system and what’s bad with it and what could potentially be good with it. Basically, most of it is actually quite bad and that is something that you realize when you research the banking system. There are so many flaws that create problems in the world. So, before I went into crypto and before Bitcoin, I researched all of this stuff and I was into gold. I was investing in gold because of the fact that I believe that gold is a much better form of money than the US dollar. And because of this knowledge, when I heard about Bitcoin, it just made sense immediately to me because basically I already did all of the research that people do when they hear about Bitcoin. So, some people, they do it the other way, they find Bitcoin and then they start doing this research. I was lucky to already have done it and that’s why the first time I heard about Bitcoin, I actually immediately thought this is amazing. Ever since I’ve just researched Bitcoin a lot.

U.Today: That’s interesting. What about the stock market? Are you experienced in that market as well?

Carl: What I believe is that when you look at the current markets and the traditional market globally, there have been low interest rates for a very long period of time. So, the interest rates have been artificially held low to prop up the stock markets. This is something that is done. It’s basically a manipulation of the market and not only have the interest rates been artificially kept low, but also central banks around the world have been printing huge amounts of money.

We’re talking about trillions of dollars that have been printed to basically bail out the banks since 2008 and also more recently we’ve seen the federal reserve for example, start to print money in what is known as quantitative easing. And quantitative easing is just a very advanced word for printing money.

We’ve seen a lot of that happening globally. It’s not only in the US, we’ve seen all central banks, most of the central banks in the world have been printing money, followed by the federal reserve. This leads me to believe that I don’t trust the current stock market rally. So, you see it starts taking off like crazy there, creating new all-time highs all the time. But I don’t trust those rallies. If you look at the stock market’s going up, you can also see that something else that is also going up and creating new ATH’s. It is global debt. So, when you look at tweets from Trump and other world leaders, they are very happy to point out that stock markets are going up, but they are not disclosing that the debt is going up at the exact same speed and they are actually, they are both interconnected, they are cointegrated basically. When a debt goes up or when you print money, lower interest rates increase the purchasing power. What they do is they artificially create this buying power by making it cheap to borrow currency. And that’s why we see stocks will just go up and also realistic markets.

U.Today: But isn’t it a good way to make money for yourself personally?

Carl: Sure. You can trade the stock markets and make money from what the federal reserve is doing. However, personally I am not really doing that because if there was anything I would do, it would probably be short. If we’re talking about the bigger swings here, I mean many, many people in the golden community have been looking to short the S&P for example, because they know that something is wrong and eventually it has to correct. But the thing about markets is that, especially when you have a central authority manipulating the market, is that it’s extremely unpredictable.

So, the government and central banks are incentivized to keep the stock markets going up. And if you bet on it going down, you will basically lose money. I don’t remember who said it, but there’s a famous quote saying that the markets can stay irrational much longer than you can stay solvent.

So, even if you correctly assume or correctly see that the market is going in the wrong direction and it has to correct, the market can continue to go on an insane rally, unjustified rally longer than you might think. So just shorting based on these fundamentals is not really profitable, actually the exact opposite. Everyone who shorted the S&P in 2015 lost and everyone who shorted the past few months also lost. Even though they are right, fundamentally the S&P and all of these stocks have to correct. It’s just insane seeing the PE ratios are off the charts and we’re seeing the same discrepancy between prices and fundamentals as back in the dotcom bubble, for example. And eventually, there will be a pop, but let’s see. It’s impossible to know when it’s going to happen.

U.Today: Are you an investor, Carl? If so, what cryptocurrencies do you invest in and why?

Carl: Yeah, for sure I am a cryptocurrency investor. I would call myself actually a Bitcoin investor. So, for the past two years essentially the only thing I’ve been holding is Bitcoin in terms of cryptocurrencies. 98, 99% is in Bitcoin. I had some altcoins that I just didn’t liquidate. Just to keep it very simple I would say that I own only Bitcoin. Just a couple of months ago when I started to scale back into Ethereum and everyone who follows my YouTube channel, they know that I am basically what some would call a Bitcoin maximalist. I believe in Bitcoin much more than I believe in crypto in general.

I believe that Bitcoin is fundamentally game changing and it’s a huge revolution for the world economy and actually the world in general. It’s a paradigm shift.

Seeing money being shifted from a central authority in a decentralized nature, that is something that is extremely important. When it comes to other altcoins and cryptocurrencies, I do believe that there might potentially be very interesting products out there that will change the world in some different aspect or form, but personally I tend to invest in the things that I really understand. I really understand economics, I really understand money, and this means I really understand Bitcoin. And that’s why I’m confident in holding a lot of Bitcoin. When it comes to altcoins, the only thing I do there is trades. And that’s like maybe a swing trade over a few weeks or over a few days, maybe even an intraday trade, but not for the long term.

U.Today: But what cryptocurrencies do you consider to be the most promising, apart from Bitcoin?

Carl: I would have to say Ethereum and that’s my list. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and I know that there are competitors out there to Ethereum. But I do believe that the fact that Ethereum has the network effect, it already has a lot of momentum going. Basically I am much more bullish on Bitcoin than I am on Ethereum. Right now I hold approximately 95% Bitcoin or 90% of Bitcoin and somewhere between 5% and 10% of Etherium. I don’t think I want to hold more Ethereum than that actually. This Ethereum is actually not even for the very long term. It’s more like maybe one year or two years play or something. If Etherium five X is against Bitcoin, I will sell into Bitcoin.

U.Today: Let’s check your prediction skills now. How much will Bitcoin cost at the end of 2020?

Carl: The halvening is coming up and the halvening is a very, very important event because the inflation rates will be cut in half. And this is something that happens every four years. And I think that looking back at the previous history, we can see that the two previous halvenings radically pushed the price to the upside. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to happen this time. But I do believe that the attention that is going to be put on Bitcoin during the halvening and after the halvening, is going to be huge. And the people are once again going to start talking about the fact that not only are you going to see halving now, but, like I said, every four years until the inflation goes down to zero, and that is a huge deal because a zero inflation rate is something that you don’t find anywhere else. Basically, it is the first time we’ve ever seen this because Bitcoin is digital, and this can only happen in a digital world. So, Bitcoin is something that I would call absolutely scarce. It’s not only scarce, it’s actually absolutely scarce with this 21 million Bitcoin limit.

So, all of this, what I just said is exactly what is going to be told in the next few months and maybe even up to the next year. It’s hard for me to not be very bullish for June, 2020. I think it’s very possible that Bitcoin could reach above $20,000 at the end of this year.

That’s very possible. But I am not entirely sure if that’s going to happen because, if you were to compare with the previous cycles and you measure from the previous ATH, basically somewhere at the beginning of 2021 is where Bitcoin should go about $20,000. But previous price actions don’t necessarily have to accurately predict the future. I am bullish on Bitcoin, I am very confident that Bitcoin will be worth more at the end of this year than it is today.

U.Today: Sounds great! So, what advice can you give to people who want to become crypto traders?

Carl: I think that you absolutely have to educate yourself before touching trading at all, before touching altcoins and even before touching Bitcoin. Even though I personally believe in Bitcoin 100%, and I believe that it’s going to change the world, I still always tell people before they buy Bitcoin that you have to do your own research and you have to educate yourself. Don’t take my word for granted. Don’t take anyone’s word for granted. Education is the key and knowledge is the key. This is true for Bitcoin, altcoins, and trading. I would basically suggest doing research online, on YouTube, reading books, and make sure that you always have proper risk management. That’s extremely important.

Interview with “Carl the Moon”: Halving and $5 Million for Bitcoin

Anna Tutova: Hello, guys! Nice meeting you here, Carl, in Davos at the World Economic Forum. Carl is Youtuber, he has YouTube channel “The Moon”. So Carl, can you tell us when did you get first into blockchain? What is you background?

Carl the Moon: I have a YouTube channel called «The Moon», and I guess I have 85 000 subscribers right now because I upload one video every day, where I talk about bitcoin, technical analysis, financial analysis, news. And how I got into it, is basically just I have been very interested in economics, in the concept of money, what is money, what is good for my money, what’s bad for my money, so I have always been interested in financial system, for example, why the US dollar is bad for my money, deflationary. So coming from my background when I first heard about bitcoin it just made a lot of sense. To me it was obvious: I wanted to spread the message and I have always been good at educating people, it makes a lot of sense for me to make a YouTube channel and just talk about bitcoin as much as I can. So one video every day on my YouTube channel.

Anna Tutova: Did you trade any other financial instruments like stocks before?

Carl the Moon: Yes, but when we started to find our passion for trading, the bitcoin has truly taken my whole world and now i am no longer interested in stocks, in other assets, because Bitcoin is so powerful and so interesting, that it truly took my breath away, that’s why I made YouTube channel only about Bitcoin. I don’t talk about other coins that much. I am pretty much never mention other coins. Sometimes I talk about stocks, but it is not in the trading sense, it is more like in the financial system if there is the value, if we are going to financial crisis or not, what I believe we are.

Anna Tutova: What was the year when you bought your first Bitcoin?

Carl the Moon: 2017

Anna Tutova: Did you start making videos on Youtube in 2017, when you bought your first Bitcoin or did you start it later?

Carl the Moon: It took a few months. First I heard about Bitcoin, I started buying bitcoin and I started watching other Youtubers. I watched some bigger guys like Ivan on Tech for example and I just realized how powerful it could be to have a YouTube channel and educate people and making business out of it. For me, I believe so much that it wasn’t enough just to buy Bitcoin, to invest in Bitcoin, I wanted to invest my whole career in Bitcoin. So I realized that the best way to build wealth and build a career of a Bitcoin is to have a business-like trade cash flow of the industry and that, what I build with my company. I am super happy about that. That means that I truly have everything connected with Bitcoin, not only my money but also my career and my passion so long. And I am comfortable for that, I know for sure, that people will truly come to learn about it.

Anna Tutova: And what is your strategy? Do you trade a lot or do you hold?

Carl the Moon: I do both because I think holding is the most important thing when it comes to bitcoin, I mean trading worth in any way, you trade currencies, you trade stocks, you trade whatever, exactly the same can be said about bitcoin. The cool part of bitcoin is that the bitcoin is a whole new type of asset where it is only a limited part to one million, you can never be more than that. There is no central bank, third parties involved. It has the potential to be worth astronomical amounts of money in the future. So only bitcoin by far is the safest and most attractive way. So the risk-reward is just crazy, whole bitcoin and people just focus on that. And most of my portfolios are for the long-term, I never sell this long-term position. And I think I am pretty much happier to have a big chunk of bitcoin to play for the next 10-20 years

Anna Tutova: And what are you doing here in Davos?

Carl the Moon: Actually I am here for fun. I am here to educate myself, to meet with people. I don’t do any sponsorships and don’t do any direct business, but I make a lot of friends, meet successful people, grow my own mindset. For me it is very valuable, so I am having a lot of fun.

Anna Tutova: That is great. And the last question probably is the most interesting for everybody. In your opinion when the bitcoin will go to the moon?

Carl the Moon: Bitcoin will go to the moon, I think, within the next 3-4 years. We will see the next big cycle top and I believe that Bitcoin most probably go to top out somewhere between 200 000 $ – 300 000 $ just like the bitcoin top between 20 000 $ and then we will see another big accretion from 70% to 80 %. But I think it is a long-term for next 20/30/40 years bitcoin can rich the levels of 5 000 000 $ if bitcoin successfully becomes the money used in the world. The value of all money in the world is 90 trillion $, so basically if Bitcoin was to take that market cap, then yeah, 5 000 000 $ is possible into this money. So 5 000 000 $ is a clear possibility for the bitcoin.

Anna Tutova: So your prediction is even bigger than John McAfee’s ones. And which factors will influence such a big growth ?

Carl the Moon: I think that many different factors could influence the growth of Bitcoin. One thing that is clearly good for Bitcoin is that if the current monetary system has to show off its growth, so for example in case of financial crisis. So if we do see financial crisis very soon which I see we are going to see. And I think that the next crisis will be much more severe than in 2008. We have already seen, that central banks started to print money and I usually joke around that some people claim that we are not in financial crisis now, but we are looking what the central banks are doing right now, they are acting like we are already in the savior financial crisis. They are printing money, they are stimulating the economy, that is a clear sign to me that our financial markets is not able to keep themselves. They need to artificially stimulate economy and I believe we will see very similar tendencies, as we saw back in 2008. I think Bitcoin will get a lot of attention in this next crisis because money as government money is printable and they manipulate a supply of governmental money, but bitcoin can not be manipulated in this way because you can never influence bitcoin. That is why I believe that bitcoin will be as the safe haven Bitcoin can reach astronomical figures.

The main indicator, the main driver is the next financial crisis, I will give more than 2 years we will see a huge savior economic disaster that will probably take the whole world in negative interest rates. I think that is the most dramatic scenery that this will do and that is when people will start focusing on bitcoin. The value of the dollar in all government crisis will be inflated and the high inflation is a possibility. It is just a very-very powerful event that will push people into looking in safe instruments and Bitcoin will be the most safe instrument.

Anna Tutova: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Nice talking with you, Carl.

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