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Что значит push in plus

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What does ‘Pushin P’ mean, according to rapper Gunna?

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Fans have had great things to say about the rapper’s latest release, but what exactly does ‘Pushin P’ mean?

The name of the track intrigued so many that Gunna himself had to provide an explanation, but still, it seems to have left many confused.

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Being Loyal Is definitely ��️

— WUNNA (@1GunnaGunna) January 7, 2022

What does Pushin P mean?

‘Pushin P’, which is the name of the second song on Gunna’s album DS4EVER could only be explained by the rapper.

During an Instagram live with fans, Gunna explained: “They talking about what’s tea? Nah, what’s P. I took out a PPP loan for this. Okay, I’m pushing P-P-P-P-P. You feel me.”

“You gotta Push P. So this is Pushin P, when you backyard and the inside and outside, that’s P. You pushing P,” he continued.

Offering more explanation to the same, he added:

“When you go to rent in these things, you Kickin P. When you go to on the Catch and spending your hard-earned, you Pushin P. P don’t just mean Playa, P also mean paper too. You could be pushing this P with paper too.”

Что такое «Pushin P», первый рэп-мем года, и при чем тут Gunna

В последние недели интернет наполнили эмодзи с буквой «P» на синем фоне и фраза «Pushin P». Разбираемся, как они появились и что означают.

Как появился тренд?

За несколько дней до релиза альбома «DS4EVER» Gunna начал использовать эмодзи с буквой «P» на синем фоне в твитах, заменяя им обычную букву «P». Рэпер не раскрывал его значения и предлагал фанатам самим догадаться, что это такое.

Вскоре Gunna объяснил на примерах: «Вмешиваться в чей-то биф или ситуацию, когда вы не знаете, что происходит, — это не P», «Руководить своей сукой — это P», «Рисковать жизнью, чтобы накормить семью — это P», «Говорить о чуваке без причины — это не P», «Быть настоящим вне интернета — это P».

Being a real nigga off the Internet is

Еще одним объяснением стал трек «Pushin P» при участии Future and Young Thug, появившийся на альбоме «DS4EVER». В этой песне рэперы соревнуются, кто употребит больше слов на букву «P».

Что означает эмодзи с буквой «P» на синем фоне?

Если вы «пушите P» (дословно — нажимаете на P), это значит, что вы действуете правильно. Gunna объяснил разницу между «kicking P» and «pushing P» (пинать и нажимать) на примере роскошного особняка: «Если ты арендуешь этот дом, ты kicking P. А вот если ты покупаешь его и становишься владельцем дома, тогда ты действительно pushing P. Ты тратишь деньги, которые ты с трудом заработал».

Рэпер говорит, что изначально «P» использовалось как замена слову player — игрок — или paper — наличные деньги. Ближе по значению positive — позитивный.

А сама фраза уже давно распространена в Bay Area и Техасе. Gunna лишь обеспечил ей мировую популярность.

Что происходит с трендом сейчас?

Эмодзи с буквой «P» используют знаменитости и крупные компании в социальных сетях.

(Nike: У нас была встреча, и, не вдаваясь в подробности, мы пушим P весь год. Gunna: Nike X Gunna — это P)

What does ‘Pushing P’ mean on TikTok? Gunna explains viral phrase

what is pushing p on tiktok

Instagram: Gunna, lyrical

The term ‘Pushin P’ took off on social media after Gunna & Future released their song of the same name in January 2022 — here is the rappers’ explanation for the popular term.

Atlanta-based rapper ‘Gunna’ released his single ‘pushin P’ alongside fellow artists Future and Young Thug back in January 2022.

The song quickly went viral and became a hot trend over on TikTok, with the song’s lyrics getting posted in Tweets and Instagram stories all over the net.

Those who frequent social media have likely seen the phrase ‘Pushin P’ at some point, usually used with the capital, bright-blue P emoji.

For those out of the loop, this term can seem like a pretty confusing one. Luckily, the artist behind the viral song explained the meaning behind the lyrics.

Meaning of Pushin P

While the phrase ‘Pushin P’ has been used in the Texas and Bay areas for some time now, it started to take over users’ For You Pages in January.

Gunna explained what Pushin P means over on Twitter, after claiming that the letter ‘P’ stands for ‘player’ during an episode of the Breakfast Club.

Pushing P essentially means to ‘keep it real,’ and is generally a positive term.

“Being Loyal Is definitely P,” he wrote.

“Jumpin in a person beef or situation when u dk wats goin on, Not ��️,” he clarified.

Gunna tweet explanations

Twitter: 1GunnaGunna Gunna created a slew of Tweets explaining what ‘Pushin P’ means.

He went on to further explain the term in an Instagram Live stream.

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“F**kin’ your partner’s main b**h, that ain’t P,” he explained.

“You see a lady at the door, you hold the door for the lady bro, that’s P. We pushing P, you feel me? I ain’t too tough, arguing with my partner about no money like, we ain’t going back and forth. That ain’t P.”

‘P’ doesn’t only mean ‘player’ though — it can also mean ‘paper,’ depending on how one uses the term.

Pushin P has become so viral that it’s spawned a slew of hilarious memes and trends over on TikTok. The #pushinP hashtag has amassed millions of views, with Gunna even replying to people’s TikToks to grade how accurately they use the term.

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Click here if TikTok fails to load.

You can check out our hub for more info on popular phrases on TikTok, as new words are being popularised all the time on the app.

What does ‘pushin P’ mean? Definition explained

HE'S the rap superstar who has just invented his own phrase.

Now Gunna has revealed what the meaning of "pushin P" — and given some examples of how to use it.

Rap artist Gunna has explained the meaning of 'pushin P' - the title of his latest track

What does 'pushin P' mean?

Atlanta rapper Gunna released his single "pushin P" with Future featuring Young Thug as part of his new album DS4EVER.

He also has been seen popularising the "P" emoji on his social media, leaving hip hop fans confused over its meaning and its link to the song's title.

Basically, pushin P means to stay real, and the P stands for player.

Gunna took to Twitter offering a series of examples of how to use P — and when when not to.

He wrote in a series of tweets: "Jumpin n a person beef or situation when u dk wats goin on Not [P].

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