Как пополнить баланс hive os
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Как пополнить баланс hive os

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How to pay for Hiveon OS

Paying for Hiveon OS is a very simple procedure. Just follow this instruction:

Log into your account and go to the Your funds tab. If you are logged into the farm, then you will need the Billing tab.

In the Personal address deposit tab, select the provider (Hive).

Now select a coin from the dropdown list.

Click the Add button. At the bottom, you will see a personal deposit address.

Transfer funds to this address.

If these types of coins do not suit you, you can choose another payment provider Coinpayments, and also create a personal address and transfer funds to it. Do not forget to take into account that each exchange has a different percentage for withdrawing funds, so there may be a slight difference between the amount sent and received.


You can also pay for Hiveon OS with Stablecoins (TUSD, USDC, USDT). Please note that TUSD and USDT are not the same coins!

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